One of Ireland’s well known influencers, Joanne Larby is a best selling author, content creator, podcast host, make-up artist, and plus size model.

I recently announced that we opted against finding out our babies gender, which to my surprise is a less popular choice with parents nowadays. Between gender reveal parties and the desire to plan in advance, I can totally understand the need to know, however we’ve always wanted a surprise. There’s something so special about waiting for the big day, sharing that reveal with your partner, and then all the excited phone calls afterwards to tell family and friends.

Back in May I announced my role as Ireland’s Peugeot Ambassador and have been test driving the stunning new 3008 GT line SUV ever since. I wanted to review the revamped vehicle in blog post format for those of you who had any questions or queries. I’ve seen so many of these cars on the road lately and purchase feedback has been extremely positive.

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in on this corner of the internet. Since going back to college and juggling work, the next podcast series, and pregnancy, my blog has been somewhat neglected. Did I mention I’ve been growing a human???!!! Probably the most valid, joyous and life changing reason to be taking a little back seat from website updates…