One of Ireland’s well known influencers, Joanne Larby is a best selling author, content creator, podcast host, make-up artist, and plus size model.

I’ve been getting lots of questions about various bits and bobs in our nursery, so I thought it would be useful to house them together in one place. I’ve tried to link all of the pieces we’ve purchased (if they’re still in stock), and also include some gorgeous items I’ve had my eye on. The great thing about these pieces is that they work for both boys and girls from the newborn stage and beyond.


I feel like things get very real when you start thinking about your hospital bag… Although I’m not finished physically packing yet, I did want to have my organisational ducks in a row for when the time comes. I made two Amazon purchases to make things easy to organise, find and access – Zipper Storage Bags (which come as a pack of 24 in a variety of sizes that are slightly more robust than sandwich bags), and Printing Labels.

Back in May I announced my role as Ireland’s Peugeot Ambassador and have been test driving the stunning new 3008 GT line SUV ever since. I wanted to review the revamped vehicle in blog post format for those of you who had any questions or queries. I’ve seen so many of these cars on the road lately and purchase feedback has been extremely positive.