100 Days Of Healthy

Happy New Year to you all. I do hope midst all of the madness you managed to have a peaceful Christmas with loved ones ahead of lockdown 3.0. I’m sure you’re all feeling as frustrated as I am with the current situation; the numbers are frightening and I can’t help but feel like this pandemic is causing us to pause our lives. For those of you, like us who have abided by all of the restrictions, it seems like preaching to the choir and shouting at the deaf. How are we still here almost a year on? When will this all end? Will life ever feel normal again…

There is time for pause, reflection, gratitude, and enjoying a simple way of living. There is also a feeling of impending doom, daily dread, collective negative energy and sadness that is putting a pause on truly LIVING life. Travel, mask free social events, regular weddings, baby scans, gigs, lack of that deep belly fear… the list goes on.

Last year Adam and I were both extremely grateful to be able to work throughout the rise in COVID. It kept us busy and sane and gave us time to do up our house, settle into the area and really explore, and appreciate the move to West Cork. It also gave us very little down time, options for play and days to enjoy what we have worked hard towards. This year I made a promise to myself to set some healthier habits because there’s certain things we CAN control. I know there are so many of you simply surviving and that’s perfectly fine, but I for one want to feel happier this year, and prepared for whatever 2021 may throw at us. 

Ciara Kelly inspired me to start her 100 Days Of Walking, I’ve also added on some personal elements that will be included in my 100 Days Of Healthy challenge. These daily habits include journaling, mindful moments, healthy eating, completing 100 days of walking, at home workouts and learning something new. I know I really need the focus to get through this lockdown, so if you’d like to join in too, you can follow the updates here. Keep safe and well.