2016 goals and ambitions


I don’t particularly like the word ‘resolution’. A firm decision to do or not do something is quite restrictive and implies it’s something you weren’t able to stick to in the previous year, which in my mind has a negative connotation. Instead, I like to list my goals and ambitions for the year ahead, some of which may be a progression from the year prior, or a totally new area I want to focus on. I have a notebook that matches my everyday diary for all of my personal goals which shall remain private, but I wanted to share 6 of them with you all.


Since moving home I’ve been working hard and saving towards buying my own place. I spent the guts of my adult years renting so I understand it’s going to take time, but it’s a rewarding process. Saving is something I want to continue doing this year; towards a mortgage and travel. It’s tough being at home when I want my own place but I know renting at this point is such a waste of money and it will all be worth it.


I didn’t get away on a sun holiday this year and promised myself once my book tour ended that I would treat myself to a proper holiday somewhere I’ve never been before. I’m hoping to get away in February but I also want to spend more time abroad this year with work. I’ve spent a lot of time and focus in Ireland and feel it’s time to spread my wings.


Expanding my brand is something I focus on constantly. Having released my first product I want to continue growing, working on new projects and workshops and making contacts outside of Ireland. I can’t spill the beans just yet, but I’m working behind the scenes on some exciting projects and have some exciting announcements to make.


After doing up my website and investing in a new camera and lighting I promised to return to YouTube, bigger and better than ever for 2016. Previously I’ve focused on make up tutorials and hauls but I think it’s time to share more of my personality and really grow my channel. I’m looking forward to diving into a new social media community and seeing where it will take me.


Apart from being a good human being in general, I want to start doing some charity work. Whether it’s marathons, sky dives, or fundraisers I want to use the platform I’ve created to give really back. If any of you have any organisations, suggestions or event requests I can get involved in be sure to let me know.


Every year brings about so much change, both personally and professionally. Just think of this time last year. Would you have ever guessed you would have experienced everything you have now? Life is short, so whether it’s getting a tattoo or doing something adventurous that terrifies me, I want to constantly experiment and evolve as an individual.

Joanne xoxo