About The Make Up Fairy

Chapter 2

Girly, creative, caring, and a deep thinker from a young age, the little girl Joanne Larby grew up to become The Make Up Fairy, aged 28.

In her own words, ‘as a child, my head was filled with fairies and fantasy, and glitter ran through my veins’!

Now one of Ireland’s biggest blogging stars, and a full time make-up artist, stylist and model, Joanne Larby, aka The Make Up Fairy, is passionate about empowering women to both accept themselves, and to strive to be everything they want to be.

Having qualified as a make-up artist, as well as studying child psychology and special needs, Joanne launched The Make Up Fairy blog to showcase her make-up artistry. 

Her empathy and insights saw The Make Up Fairy blog earn legions of fans, and Joanne’s chatty blog style evolved to cover health and beauty, style and fashion, and her trademark encouragement of the pursuit of happiness.

The 5’10” size 12 beauty also works regularly as a curvy model, promoting body confidence and sharing her experiences of carving out a career path in an industry she loves.

The Make Up Fairy became an official brand in 2012, evolving from a blog to an online magazine, including a YouTube channel, styling and beauty tutorials, workshops and seminars, and lifestyle features, from fashion and fitness to travel.

Joanne Larby has won numerous Irish accolades including Best Company Beauty Blog and Best Social Media and has been nominated for two UK Cosmopolitan awards, The Best International Fashion Blog and Best Beauty Vlogger.

She now has a combined social media following of over 120,000 people, with more than 200,000 international website hits a week, and was voted by Vogue Italia as the top curvy girl in the world to follow.

As well as maintaining her online alter-ego, Joanne works full time in the beauty industry, staging make-up masterclasses for big brands, running her online store, giving social media seminars, hosting style workshops, and doing TV features, fashion shoots and catwalk shows. 

The Make Up Fairy has grown into everyone’s favourite Fairy Godmother, and Joanne Larby’s latest venture is the publication of her first book, Fairy Tales.

The creative dreamer, turned entrepreneur and role model to thousands, has compiled an inspiring lifestyle bible, encouraging women to follow their dreams, love their body, look their best, manage their anxiety, make healthy choices, and, most of all, to live life to the full. 

What Joanne describes as ‘A glittering guide to surviving life with sparkle’, Fairy Tales by The Make Up Fairy is about sharing life’s magic!