Boxer braids: The latest hair flair

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If you haven’t witnessed this tasty trend then you’ve been living under a social media free rock. From celebrities including The Kardashians and Katy Perry to models at NYFW, boxer braids have been the ultimate hair inspiration on Instagram. This look is similar to a dutch plait but much tighter to the scalp like cornrows which banishes baby hairs for a frizz free look. To get this sexy style you may need some help or lots of at home practise (Youtube is my best friend when it comes to tricky tutorials). I personally love this look and I’m dying to give it a go; I think it will be especially sleek and handy in the gym.

I would suggest by starting with smooth sleek straightened hair, if you suffer from flyaways then use a hot iron and smoothing polish or balm from mid lengths through to the ends of the hair. Length works best here, so if you have short hair, extensions will be ideal. Using a comb, create a very strong center parting. If you feel the smoothing balm is too greasy or you’re working with second day hair, apply some texturising product to avoid the hair slipping through your hands as you braid. You want to create two Dutch braids as tight to the head as possible (this is where Youtube comes in handy), when you reach the nape of the neck, fix with a clear bobbin. Continue braiding the hair so that it rests down the shoulders and back and fix with another clear bobbin. Simples! Sort of. Will you be trying out boxer braids?

Joanne xoxo