Designer dreams and handbag heaven

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I’m a firm believer in visualisation as a means to work towards what you want. Some may call it ‘The Secret’ while others simply consider it positive thinking. Whatever way you look at it there’s no denying your thoughts become your reality. In every area of my career I’ve set out clear concise milestones to work towards, some may be simple daily tasks as a means to stay focused and on track, while others are greater goals I wish to reach. Setting a reward system in place that benefits these goals is important for any entrepreneur; being your own boss means you look after promotions and salary raises. From cheat meals within a strict fitness regime to wishlist items, rewards can keep you motivated and independent. I’ve always drooled over designer bags and promised myself with each dream deal I would gift myself with a gorgeous accessory. As a blogger I find clothes become almost disposable and once worn they’re ‘old news’, whereas heavenly heels, staple classic items and beautiful bags last a lifetime. The quality difference really is second to none and in my opinion worth the investment. My latest addition is the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Damier Ebene and everyday I take it for a trip I smile knowing it’s symbolic of my hard work and efforts. I like to make collages of my lust worthy items; like a mood board and reminder of what I want to achieve. I would love to add the following handbags to my collection over time, what’s your favourite from the collection?

Joanne xoxo