Fail to prepare, prepare to fail


Today marks the start of a new ten week programme. Well, I say ten weeks but I intend on sticking to this programme as long as possible, but today it’s exactly ten weeks until my holiday. With a bikini body as my motivation I’ve set myself a serious challenge with the help of JT Fitness Guide. I’ve an exact weight and body fat goal in mind which I’m keeping between myself and my trainer as it’s not only a controversial topic but also a very personal milestone. Every day I’m asked about my meal plan, what my food shop consists of, and general food related questions, so this article will interest those of you who have queried the former. Please bare in mind this is MY ten week programme food shop and considered quite a strict meal plan which won’t suit many of you. I will be weight training 5 times a week with 2 cardio classes, meaning exercise will be playing a huge part and this food is fuel for my body and mind. I will be eating five times a day based around my training, so again this is a very personal routine, no cheats, for ten weeks. However, perhaps some of the following items will inspire or become shopping list additions. I’ll be tracking my daily diet on using My Fitness Pal which an amazing app I’ve mentioned in my book.


For breakfast I’ll be opting for oats with a dash almond milk or an omelette. Eggs are a staple in my fridge so I didn’t need to pick any up today. I generally go for unsweetened almond milk but they were all out unfortunately. On a more positive note I came across the above gluten free oats which have amazing macros so I’m excited to try them as I don’t feel gluten reacts well with my body. If I eat oats after training, instead of first thing in the morning I generally add some berries and whey for protein and muscle repair.


My suggested sweet snack is some natural greek yogurt. The Fage 0% is the most macro friendly, free from sugar and great for mixing with the likes of berries and nut butters from Bodyfirst.


For my healthy treat I love having a square or two of dark chocolate at night time if I’m experiencing sweet cravings, I also love crumbling it in my yogurt instead of nut butter or berries.


Similarly to eggs, chicken fillets and turkey mince are staples in my freezer. Recent additions to my new meal plan are Kerrigans turkey burgers and chorizo. The turkey burgers will be added to greens and my carb source of choice for lunch and dinner options, and the chorizo will be added to my omelettes.


I’m not great when it comes to greens but I’ve promised to up my intake, so spinach, rocket and asparagus will be added to my meat filled meals.


My carb sources will include rice and sweet potatoe. Although people generally avoid white carbs when dieting, white rice is actually the best option. These microvabable bags are super handy, save time and offer 2 portions. Strong Roots take the hassle out of chopping up your sweet potato which can be tedious at the best of times, and again I’m all for convenience when it comes to meal prep or cooking of any time.


For added flavour for my meat and veg I’m a huge fan of the Gym Chef seasoning and Improper Butter both available from Bodyfirst. Both super healthy options that add some interest to otherwise bland plates.


For my second snack depending on what kind of training I’m doing that day includes some cashew nuts or Fulfil bars which are my favourite protein bars at the moment and great for on the go.


Finally, there will be no alcohol allowed and the only drink I’ll be consuming outside of water is Matcha or green tea, known to have huge health benefits and be a metabolism booster

Joanne xoxo