Fairy Wands have landed


The wait is finally over and the reception has been incredible to say the least; I think we almost broke the internet yesterday with these bad boys! What a relief it’s been to be able to announce the first product from my new line Enchant by Joanne Larby after you all waited patiently for so long. After almost 9 months of blood, sweat and tears I can safely say I’m beyond happy with my Fairy Wands. You wouldn’t believe the sheer planning and work that went behind the scenes getting this product perfect. Just to get the handle colour exactly how I wanted took three months so you can imagine the rest *insert straight face emoji. Ensuring these brushes met all of my perfectionist requirments and superb selling points, performed to a high standard with a brilliant price tag that breaks down to just €7 per brush, I think it’s safe to say we nailed it. Our limited stock pre sale will be live at 8pm and the full set is €90. Pre orders will all be shipped within the next two weeks.



‘I began my career as a Make Up Artist so creating a set of cruelty free, vegan friendly tools that are even kind to trees was a no brainer. This luxurious Limited Edition set contains 12 super soft, full and fluffy brushes that are virtually shed free and shaped to make application for anyone easy peasy’ – Joanne Larby creator of Fairy Wands.



The name? Fairy Wands. The packaging? A rose bronze star complete with a strap that functions as a handbag, brush holder, cushion and free standing display that looks luxurious. The brushes? Handmade, cruelty free, vegan friendly, and even kind to trees.


The bristles? The softest hair you’ll ever touch, virtually shed free, that wash like a dream and retain their shape. The brush shapes? A collation of my all time favourite shapes compiled over the years as an MUA. The hair colour? White fading into peach so your brushes already look dipped in blusher instead of looking dirty when used. The handle? Tiffany turquoise to be that little bit different in every way.


Buffing Foundation Brush

With a round head and soft, short Kabuki style bristles this brush blends all base products like a dream, buffing them into the skin for a flawless finish.


Angled Concealer Brush 

Designed with an angled ‘v’ shape, this brush blends cream and liquid concealer to highlight and blend the under eye area and can also be used to conceal blemishes.


Fluffy Powder Brush

Set your make up with this ultra soft brush which picks up pressed and loose product. Dab to fix your foundation in place or dust for a lighter layer.


Structured Contour Brush

Ideal for cream and powder products this brush sits perfectly into all angles of the face for the ultimate strong or subtle contour.


Tapered Blusher Brush

Created the same size as the apple of your cheek this brush makes blusher application extremely easy. Our peach dipped hair also means it won’t look dirty when used.


Tapered Highlighting Brush

The beautiful baby version of our Tapered Blusher Brush. Small enough at the tip for precision, yet fluffy and full enough to add a seamless sheen to your cheekbones.


Angled Brow Brush

Created to carve the perfectly arched brows. This precise and firm brush can also be used to apply any eyeliner.


Flat Shadow Brush

Designed to apply the perfect base colour to your lids, this brush is soft enough to blend all eyeshadow formulations ensuring they also stay in place by really picking up the pigment.


Fluffy Crease Brush

Angled to perfection for effortless blending and outer crease work, this brush is narrow enough to nestle into the smallest sockets making transition application a dream.


Structured Definer Brush

Complete any eyeshadow look with this super soft yet structured lower lid brush. Ideal for adding a thin to thick line of shadow to the outer corners or a sultry smokey look.


Angled Eyeliner Brush

Perfect for precise cream, gel or liquid liner application. This brush was created with an angle to make inner corner application especially easy even for the most novice brush user.


Flat Lip Brush

The lip brush is perfect for precise lipstick and gloss application and especially useful when it comes to bold bright colours.


Star Bag With Strap

Finally, what would your brushes be without a home? This multi purpose carrier keeps your brushes organised, can be used as a bag, cushion or free standing decorative piece. It’s also the perfect shape to lay your Fairy Wands out to dry after they’ve had a bath.

Joanne xoxo