Fall Fashion Finds

October; the month that offers an abundance of warm and fuzzy early Autumnal vibes, where leaves turn into nature’s confetti. After bidding adieu to Summer with a fabulous trip to Portugal (holiday highlights here), I’m back and feeling as rejuvenated as our toddler at 5.30am *insert eye bags here, ready to embrace a wardrobe transition.

Now, let’s be real…since said toddler arrived, I’ve entered the dreaded fashion funk. It’s been a bit like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, except the square peg is my new mom bod, and the round hole is my pre-baby wardrobe. But fear not, for in my quest for fashion enlightenment, I embarked on an epic online expedition this morning. Picture me, in my pajamas and mum bun, coffee in hand, scrolling through the fashion wilderness, while my gorgeous sister in law babysat. An undisturbed hour to browse and blog – glorious.

I’ve uncovered a treasure trove of fall fashion finds that I wanted to share. These are the picks that not only made it onto my wish list, but also jumped straight into my virtual shopping cart. Consider this a little treat for the season ahead, a fashionista’s way of embracing the pumpkin-spiced, sweater-weather goodness that October brings.

Please note, I may receive commission from sales via the links below.