Healthy protein pancakes

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You simply can’t beat pancakes for breakfast, or in my case Saturday brunch. At the weekend I like to make more of an effort with my healthy eating and shake up my otherwise basic diet. On a Saturday night I tend to go out with the girls so tend to combine two meals together so I don’t feel bloated in my party dress. Filling yourself up early on in the day is key here. Protein pancakes are extremely simple to make with the right ingredients and consistency and you can really play around with the flavour by adding various toppings. If you’re a fan of savoury why not try some smoked salmon and spinach on the side. Have a sweet tooth? Adding a chopped banana, some almonds and cacao nibs make a really tasty treat too.

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Basic ingredients –

Toppings (optional) –

  • Raspberries
  • Diced Chorizo

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The reason why I love this particular protein pancake mix is it’s really macro friendly and makes fabulous fluffy sweet tasting batter. 1 scoop of the mixture (37g) gives you 157 cals consisting of 5g of fat, 16g of carbs and 11g of protein. I use two scoops to make three medium sized pancakes so the above macros are doubled. If you’re on a strict diet be careful of your additional toppings, I like to treat this as a clean cheat meal so stick to around 500 cals in total. Simply add 1 scoop of unsweetened almond milk and mix in a pouring jug.

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I find using a fork works really well for mixing and adds an adequate amount of air to your batter which should be thick enough to slowly drip from your fork.

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Now to the fun part; after adding a tsp of coconut oil to your pan on a medium heat, simply pour a small but dense circular shaped amount of batter. The thicker the batter is the easier it is to flip, but don’t have it so thick that the centre won’t cook and the exterior burns.

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After cooking my pancakes I love frying some diced chorizo on the pan, but you could use bacon here instead. I personally love the mixture of salty and sweet and it ensures I have some of my essential fats early on in the day to fill me up. Raspberries are also my favourite fruit so it’s a no brainer adding them to this dish but blueberries and Greek yogurt is delicious too. The sugar free syrups literally have no calories in them so feel free to slather your stack. What are your favourite toppings? Be sure to let me know if you try out this recipe by tweeting me.

Joanne xoxo