How to get through a bad day


What a miserable Monday out there, somewhat suitable for today’s topic. Bad days, we all get them and they’re far from pleasant. I pride myself in only sharing positivity throughout my social channels but it’s also important to be real. We all moan, we all get ill or run down, we all experience stress and low periods. Yesterday I had a textbook crappy day where one thing after the other went wrong and my mindset was far from positive. Whether it’s work stress, family or friends strife, relationship issues or that time of the month, there are so many factors that can bring on a bad day. Some bad days can turn into weeks and months, and for the vast majority this can lead to greater mental issues like depression and generalised anxiety. Knowing how to deal with a bad day when it surfaces is essential and means you’re armed with the positive actions that will take control of your mood. Here are my top 12 tips to turn that frown upside down.


  • If you don’t already own some pretty stationery then it’s time to invest. Grab a pen and paper and begin to write down your thoughts. Writing down how you feel undoubtedly helps alleviate the immediate emotions you’re experiencing. If someone has angered you or let you down, if you’re partner has ended things or you don’t actually know why you’re feeling so low, putting pen to paper will soon find solutions.
  • After expelling your thoughts on paper, take out some material to read that will either motivate you or lift your mood. If your situation is serious and you’ve lost a loved one then chose some easy to read fiction that won’t remind you of your grief. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut then motivational books will re-ignite that spark inside and inspire you.
  • If you don’t like reading then watch something that will distract you from negative thoughts and take you out of your own head. Disney movies and uplifting light hearted stories are always an excellent choice. Watching a documentary can also make you realise your own reality isn’t so bad and create a more appreciative attitude.
  • When I’m in a bad mood music never fails to lift my sadness. Having a playlist you can listen to while you carry out everyday tasks like cleaning the house can distract you and expend some frustration. Depending on the genre, music can also extract emotions you’re keeping inside and having a good cry always helps.
  • Meditation is one of my favourite ways to clear my head when there are a thousand thoughts racing throughout. After a bad day I find the night time the most difficult as I overthink the day and feel a sense of dread regarding the next. Download an app like Headspace and try out a body scan or 10-15 minutes of breathing exercises to ease yourself in.
  • When you’re in a catastrophic state of mind one negative feeling can lead to 20 similar, so being mindful of your thoughts is essential. Learn how to become more aware of where your brain is wandering and cull the spider web spiral where possible.
  • Whether it’s a walk, run or full on workout, exercise is one of the best ways to remove stress and bring you from a bad to better mood instantly. Although you may feel like drowning yourself in the duvet, put on the nicest, brightest gym gear you own and get moving. Within 10 minutes of working out you’ll be very glad you came.
  • Lounging around in your pjs with a tub of ice cream may seem appealing but will make you feel worse. Even if you’ve no plans get up, have a shower, use some nice pamper products and make yourself feel pretty. Whether it’s applying a full on face or just a face mask this routine will improve your mood. Make a nice healthy dinner that will fill you up without the guilt.
  • Spend time with people you love and trust. Keeping a close circle you can call on when things get tough means you have individuals who know your personality and how to deal with things when they become difficult. Ask for advice and talk it out.
  • Failing that, learn how to be at peace alone. Sometimes the last thing I want to do is be around people when I’m feeling unsociable so I’ve learned how to enjoy my own company. I hate inflicting my mood onto others and my head can seem so busy that the last thing I want to do is talk more. After completing the above I love to take out one of my Art Therapy books and colour.
  • When you work in social media or use it frequently it’s incredibly beneficial to take a digital detox. Something I don’t do often enough, removing apps from your phone, logging out of Facebook and Instagram and switching off can really help your mood. When you’re feeling low you’re more sensitive to everyday occurrences like negativity online and may not handle it the best way.
  • Finally, spending time immersed in nature is one of my favourite things to do when I’m sad. Taking a coastal drive, inhaling the sea air, walking and patting my dog, going horse riding and being at one with nature is the most amazing free luxury we as humans have.

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