Ibiza Lifestyle Diary

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Sitting in the office on this dull Dublin day it’s safe to say Ibiza blues have well and truly kicked in. For those of you following me on social media, namely Snapchat [themakeupfairy], you’ll have enjoyed a glimpse at the past few party filled days in paradise. I’ve been getting tons of emails asking about my trip so I’ve decided to do a three part Ibiza series including basic trip info and suggestions covered below, a style and beauty blog and how to be healthy on holidays.

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I flew to Ibiza with the girls on a 6am Ryanair flight which lasted just under three hours. We stepped off the plane into 27 degrees just a five minute taxi ride away from our accommodation. By virtue of the fact Ibiza can be expensive we booked our flights early and chose basic apartments in the heart of the nightlife. The JET Apartments are amazing location wise and have the best pool parties going, but be prepared for very basic rooms and lots of noise at night time. Our neighbours had guests and house music 24/7 and it’s not something you can complain about, it’s a given. Although we requested an early check in time at 10am we weren’t allowed into our rooms until 3pm so be aware of that. We booked through Booking.com and a room that sleeps 4 (two single beds and two couches) costs around €580. Based in Playa D’en Bossa a taxi from the apartments to San Antonia is about €30 and just 20 minutes away. Ibiza town is about 10 minutes away and half the fare so everything is relatively close.

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During the day the pool parties kick off at noon and go on until the early hours meaning you don’t have to leave your apartment if you don’t want to on the first couple of days. If you’re a fellow house and dance music lover this will be a dream come true, the DJs everywhere are amazing and the genre and scene changes daily attracting slightly different crowds each time. This is a single girls holiday in my opinion; there are hot men everywhere and non stop energy is required. You can totally do a chilled out Ibiza couples trip but not really in these areas unless you go with your boyfriend and friends. If you fancy an excursion or a more relaxing day Eivissa (Ibiza town) is stunning and far detached from the tacky strip and junk food filled street corners. The shopping (Zara is huge and really affordable), tapas and exploration options are gorgeous and you can get a 20 minute boat ride home instead of a taxi which is just €3 and super scenic. If you’re looking for amazing traditional food and ice cream be sure to check out Guillemis located down a cute little side street facing the marina.

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Another day time option which was by far my favourite of the holiday is taking a trip to Ocean Beach. An advance warning, this is a very expensive day. Beds alone are €900 with a minimum alcohol spend so unless you’re invited into VIP there’s no option but to rent one. Thankfully I arranged for some VIP bands and we were looked after for the day. There are lockers for your bags (priced at €2 every time you open them to get something) but you really need to secure a spot or you’ll be stuck standing by the side of the busy pool. Drinks range from €15 cocktails to €15,000+ bottles of bubbly so it’s not for the faint hearted, even a bottle of water is €12. The food is phenomenal and Monday has a super chilled vibe with Hed Kandi playing in the background of the dream like setting surrounded by bright blue and orange shades with sparkling disco balls over the water. This is the most Instagram worthy poolside spot in Ibiza and is filled with fabulous fashion and lots of celebs. Again, being single here is a bonus because you’ll get to make lots of new friends and be offered plenty of drinks.

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The nightlife options are endless with clubs including Ushuaïa, SpaceAmnesia and Pacha. There are various big name DJs playing every night so it’s well worth doing your research and planning your gigs before you travel. My favourite venue by far was Ushuaïa; the outdoor space and stage set up will give you goosebumps and the sound system is just indescribable. We saw a two hour NERVO set and I don’t think I’ve ever danced so much in all my life, my legs and voice are still recovering. Another to do is watching the sunset at Cafe Del Mar. I would suggest getting dinner overlooking the sea and spending the evening taking it all in. At around 8pm the sky literally bursts into an orange extravaganza, it’s just magical, the party vibe then changes as the night goes on. Overall I can’t fault my trip and plan on booking my return this year ASAP, this time staying in nicer accommodation and perhaps for slightly longer. I was a little bit apprehensive about the drugs scene before I went because I don’t do any, and yes they’re everywhere, but you can totally do the holiday drug and drink free like me and still have a ball. I managed to wake up at around 8am every morning fresh, fit in a beach walk and fill my day with lots of sunbathing, pool parties and adventures at night.

Joanne xoxo