Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash Detox Shampoo

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Between working out every day and styling my hair with heated tools and copious amounts of hairspray most evenings, my hair reaches peak build up pretty quickly. I was in desperate need of a deep cleansing shampoo, so I searched my beauty stash a few weeks ago and came across the Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash. Retailing at €23 this divine deep cleansing shampoo has been created specifically to strip unwanted product residue and excess oil that can build up in your hair. Loaded with anti pollution agents and tropical fruit acids, the combined ingredients deep cleanse the hair from root to tip without drying it out. The shampoo smells fresh and herbal; hints of lime, mint, sage and eucalyptus remove excess oil and stimulate sluggish and sensitive scalps. I like to use this shampoo twice a week in between regular washes (my hair is on the oily side) and it works a treat. After doing some research on the product I was intrigued to see it also contains an active ingredient to promote hair growth making it well worth investing in. You can purchase Kevin Murphy from or check out your nearest stockist on National Beauty.

Joanne xoxo