My bum blasting workout

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How to build a booty; one of my most frequently asked workout related questions. I’ve always had an hourglass shape, so wide hips and a big bum come naturally to me, however I also store fat in that area as a result so need to work hard to keep that area more solid and less shake. Some girls want to reduce their behind, other girls have more of a flat derrière with a thigh gap, while some suffer from sagging. We all have areas we love to loathe but this workout works for me in terms of adding serious definition to your quads and glutes.


After a light warm up, begin with some box squats focusing on glute engagement using a lower weight than regular squats for example 30kg 4 x 12.

The next exercise is a killer; single leg kick back lunges using the Smith machine 25kg 4 x 12 on each leg.

Next up is some barbell hip thrusts 35kg 4 x 12, make sure to use a pad for this one if you want to avoid bruising.

The second last exercise is brilliant; glute kickbacks on a lying hamstring curl machine 20kg 4 x 12 each leg.

Finished off with slow tempo side lying single leg press 90kg 4 x 12.

Joanne xoxo