My Top 10 dream holiday destinations


After taking the weekend off and spending it exploring the gorgeous Galway I began to truly appreciate how beautiful Ireland is. I’m blessed to explore various parts of our fair isle with my workshops but I rarely get enough time to really delve into the countryside. I’m currently working on a big project which will be ready for Summer and announced next month, so I’m starting to plan more trips abroad for when that’s completed. I really want to add to the lifestyle section of my site this year and include my trips away in blog and VLOG formats, first up will be my girly getaway to Ibiza. Instead of looking at other generic Winter sun options I’ve decided to collate my Top 10 dream holiday destinations; a bucket list I’m working on completing over the next couple of years. These are a selection of the specific spots I want to immerse myself in.


Oia Santorini, Greece

One of the most picturesque islands in the world this little village has been on my bucket list for years. Bright blue roofs, whitwashed buildings, turquoise waters and blazing sunsets. Magic.


Na’Pali Coast, Hawaii

After spending the past few days driving along the Connemara coastline I’ve added this spot to my list. Deemed one of the most insanely beautiful coastlines which can be seen from the air, land or sea.


Palawan Island, The Philippines

Voted the best island in the world, this place is filled with pristine lagoons and limestone cliffs. Just look at that water.


Ashikaga’s Flower Park, Japan

This park is filled with pastel pops of pinks and purples for a few weeks every Spring and a marvel I must see.


Venice, Italy

I’ve always wanted to sail through the sunlit canals of Venice. Italy is one of the most amazing cities and this is top of my romantic trips list.


Keukenhof Park, Holland

If unicorns had a home, these rainbow hued hills and tulip filled fields would be it. Mid April is peak season for the park and I’m tempted to take a trip.


Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming

Another rainbow wonder, the United States is home to the largest hot Spring and it’s a serious sight to behold.


Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

In terms of architecture the three great pyramids are simply stunning. Egypt has always been a holiday hotspot I’ve yet to experience.


The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

I’m a water baby and snorkeling or diving in these depths would be a dream come true. Experiencing the largest living thing on Earth from this vantage point alongside tropical wonders.


Lavender Fields, France

Finally, there’s Provence one of the prettiest spots in France and this particular location is the best smelling. With fantastic food, weather and culture, a walk through these purple fields would top off the trip.

Joanne xoxo