Stellar Interview

Stellar Interview

Happy Saturday beautiful 🙂 I recently did an interview for Stellar Magazine which went live this morning. In case any of you missed the link I’ve included the entire piece here.

Why did you start blogging?

I started my blog about three years ago and it was initially to get more exposure for my make-up artistry. I was teaching previously and it came to a point where I decided I wanted to pursue a career in make-up; so it a means for me to further that career choice.

What’s a typical working week like for you?

Alongside running the website, admin and social media of The Make Up Fairy, I’m also a full time make-up artist and model. I hold make-up masterclasses for big brands, give social media seminars, host style workshops, feature on TV, do shoots and catwalk shows. I also try to do one YouTube video a week, I do a lot of hotel reviews and I also work as a private make-up artist.

Why do you think your blog stands out?

I think my blog was different because I combine diversified content. I’m curvy and really love to promote body confidence so that gained a huge following. My fashion posts are focused on achievable, affordable items and I offer advice on how to dress for your figure.

What’s the most difficult part of your job?

When you share so much of your life with such a huge following, it’s nearly like you’re not allowed NOT to share. I went through a break-up about three months ago and when all I wanted to do was curl up and not think about it, people almost feel like they had the right to know exactly what was going on. I suppose it’s a constant online obligation.

You’ve been posting more fitness photos recently and you’ve been getting a lot of stick for it. Why do you think that is?

I think a lot of people don’t like change. Like I said, when I started off I was a lot bigger; I was a size 14 and I think for that reason, a lot of my followers were girls of the same size. Maybe it’s a case of people thinking I haven’t stayed true to myself but people change, it’s just the way life goes. I didn’t decide I was going to lose weight, I just decided I was going to make more healthy choices and with that, my body changed to a size 10-12.

Have you always had body confidence?

To be honest, yes I have. When I was a size 14 and heavier than I am now, I still had the same confidence. I don’t feel any different now when I walk around. I’m 5’10 and I’m really curvy, so to be honest, I feel the same. I would have been just as comfortable in a small dress back then. I think it’s all down to mentality. However I have so much more choice now with the likes of bras and swimwear as my bust has gotten smaller and I feel full of energy and happiness.

What are your top gym workouts?

Definitely a mix of everything but it’s mostly heavy weight training; very much like what the men do. There’s so many misconceptions about working out that way, but I’ve tried it all from crash dieting to pure cardio, and it really is the only way I’ve seen my body totally change week by week. The more muscle you carry, the more fat you burn, and women simply can’t get as big as men naturally, so it’s great to mix weight training with cardio.

What’s a healthy body?

I don’t condone either anorexia or obesity; it’s about people who’ve found a complete balance in-between. You can see it in someone who has dewy, glowing skin and you can tell that they are feeding their body the right nutrients. I don’t believe in body shaming of any kind, so size doesn’t matter – but health and happiness do.

Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

In the immediate future I’d really like to release a fitness video or a transformation video. I’d also love to get a book published; not something just about blogging, but something a little bit different, focused on being career and business driven. I’d also really love to release a swimwear and lingerie line for big-busted women.

Any blogging tips?

Blogging solely is not a job; you need to find your skill set and have that talent as a very obvious sideline earner. It’s a saturated environment out there, so try to be original. Maintain a loyalty to your following, write about products and things that you actually love, and be consistent with your updates so people know when and where to find you. Lastly, interact with those who follow you.


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