Croatia travel diary

Day One Our journey begins as so many trips do with a bright and early start, assuming bright and early means 2:45am. So it wasn’t bright but it was damn sure early. We were departing from London’s least favourite airport, shout out to Luton, for a 7:30 flight to Zadar. I’d like to say this …

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My top 10 trainer picks

Happy Tuesday beautiful humans. My name is Joanne Larby and I have a problem; I’m obsessed with trainers. From wearing them working out everyday to pairing them with cute girly dresses I literally live in fitness footwear. Thankfully there are endless options out there at the moment in terms of style, colour and support, meaning the …

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If it fits your macros

Well hello there 2016. It’s the first Monday of the year and the perfect time to make some lifestyle changes. One thing I’m regularly asked is about IIFYM (if it fits your macros), macro counting in general and how I plan my food. There are lots of ways to track your food when you first embark …

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