The Make Up Fairy turns Fairy Godmother


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Fairy Tales; sparkling new book from award-winning Irish blogger and model Joanne Larby

Positioned as ‘a glittering guide to surviving, with sparkle’, Joanne Larby’s much anticipated book, Fairy Tales, brings together the 28 year old’s experiences as a successful entrepreneur, blogger, model and woman. 

The same positivity and practical advice that created the award-winning blog, The Make Up Fairy, and Joanne’s subsequent website and social media presence, is packed into this very personal lifestyle bible, which encourages women to follow their dreams, love their body, look their best, manage their anxiety, make healthy choices, and, mostly, to live life to the full. 

Joanne Larby describes herself as girly, creative and caring, and these attributes shine out from the pages of Fairy Tales.  She talks about her family life, her talents, and the career and study choices that saw this ambitious young woman tackle numerous jobs and business ventures, largely simultaneously, and practically all successfully.

The progression through beauty counter work, make-up artist, Montessori teacher, nanny, blogger, curvy model, stylist, online retailer, mentor, and digital entrepreneur are obviously testament to hard work and ambition.  That same determination has also seen Joanne Larby quickly become a role model for her thousands of online followers, and fairy godmother to those seeking advice or inspiration.

The Make Up Fairy Goes It Alone!

Joanne outlines how The Make-Up Fairy became an official brand in 2012, when she quit her teaching job to concentrate on her own business.  The successful blog evolved into numerous social media outlets and an online magazine, which included a YouTube channel, styling and beauty tutorials, workshops and seminars, as well as lifestyle features, from fashion and fitness to interior design and travel.

Success bred success, we learn, and, having built up a combined social media following of over 120,000 people, with more than 200,000 international website hits a week, Joanne shares her delight at the numerous accolades and achievements notched up in her eclectic career.

She has been voted top curvy girl in the world to follow, by Vogue Italia, and has won numerous Irish social media accolades, as well as being nominated for two UK Cosmopolitan awards, Best International Fashion Blog and Best Beauty Vlogger.

As well as a lovely read, Fairy Tales is also a practical guide to setting up shop in the digital world, and succeeding in the beauty industry, where the 5’10” size 12 beauty now works regularly as a curvy model, and represents major beauty brands and companies as an ambassador.

Beauty advice is also simply outlined, with skincare, haircare, nails and body boosting tips all provided, linking the notion of looking good to make ourselves feel good.

The book has an extensive section dedicated to make up choice and application, with easy to follow tips, and top product recommendations – what else from The Make-Up Fairy!

Life’s Ups and Downs

The harsh realities of dating, relationships and break-ups also feature, with Joanne outlining an equally hectic progression through good and bad relationships, learning about love, learning how to be alone, and learning mostly about happiness and balance in life, and the essential need for good friends and family around.   

As one of Ireland’s biggest beauty names, Joanne Larby is also passionate about empowering women to both accept themselves, and to strive to be everything they want to be. 

Her very honest story of struggling in business and in relationships, learning to deal with confidence issues, panic attacks and anxiety, all clearly illustrate that life’s ups and downs are part and parcel of a normal existence, and that a positive mind-set, asking for help, and getting a good support network is essential. 

There is advice on fashion and finding your own style, posture and body confidence, dressing to suit your shape, and sometimes pushing the boundaries to discover a whole new look that unleashes the inner you!

Fitness and healthy eating is also explored, with advice on small lifestyle changes that promote health and happiness, and on the motivation to keep going. 

There is literally no topic Joanne Larby is afraid to address in her ‘tell-all’ tome; from having lip fillers, to body shaming, to handling hate, a regular by-product of social media success it seems.

The Make-Up Fairy has grown into everyone’s favourite Fairy Godmother, and while Joanne Larby’s Fairy Tales is sprinkled with lots of glamour and glitter, this savvy fairy is still very much grounded in reality!