The New Peugeot 3008 | BA

Back in May I announced my role as Ireland’s Peugeot Ambassador and have been test driving the stunning new 3008 GT line SUV ever since. I wanted to review the revamped vehicle in blog post format for those of you who had any questions or queries. I’ve seen so many of these cars on the road lately and purchase feedback has been extremely positive. ‘The 3008’s powerful lines combine strength and refinement, dynamism and smoothness. The more modern and top-of-the-range PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® as well as the range of innovative technologies deployed on board have been designed to enhance your well-being and safety. Thanks to the efficient Plug-In, Petrol and Diesel engines, you feel the pleasure of agile steering and pure driving pleasure.’ Let’s take a closer look at some of the fantastic features.

The exterior design of the new Peugeot 3008 is completely different to it’s predecessor. The neat SUV is strong in shape with a powerful feel, while still maintaining smooth sleek lines. The fiesty front end of the car is one of my favourite elements, making it really recognisable on the roads. This particular re-model features a top-of-the-range ergonomic driving position and upgraded i-Cockpit®, designed to really enhance your driving experience. Simple and intuitive it’s a dream to drive and manages to feel both safe, and extremely comfortable on all roads *winding West Cork country road tested.

The steering wheel is much smaller than I’m used to – something I was initially unsure of but now love. The compact design feels sporty and allows clear view of the new 10″ HD touchscreen, which combines 3D navigation and multitouch technology.  The easily configurable, high-quality  digital display panel, can be easily customised without taking your eyes off the road. The steering wheel also has lots of useful toggle buttons to make the likes of changing songs, volume or placing calls safe and streamlined.

Peugeot have managed to combine a spacious feel, ample boot space, comfortable safe driving with a high tech interior and great energy efficiency. The latest-generation driving aids even assist you towards autonomous driving. The vehicle can detect road rules and assist you in traffic using the Drive Assist Plus Pack, adaptive ‘ACC’ Stop & Go cruise control, positioning assist or lane keeping with detection of roadsides. You can set the car to match the speed limit and it will automatically break or slow down as you come close to a vehicle – amazing for long motorway journeys. The 3008 also aims to analyse your environment using active blind spot monitoring (one of my favourite features for when changing lanes and pulling out on busy roads).

The car looks even more sleek at night time, both outside and in. The Night Vision System has an infrared camera to detect the presence of pedestrians or animals up to 200m in front of the vehicle, beyond the range of headlights and warns you with an alert signal. The automatic emergency braking can be triggered if pedestrians or cyclists are located near the vehicle. You can also adapt your grip to the most tricky road conditions; snow, mud or sand. The interior comes alive at night with a subtle blue line light that neatly adds detail and much needed illumination to areas like the centre console and drink holders. The car even has a wireless charging dock if the various front and back seat USB ones aren’t enough.

If you’re into complimentry tech like I am, there’s a Peugeot phone app which offers real-time personalised services and synchronises with your accounts to track the following:

  • Keep an eye on your vehicle’s status (event data, location).
  • Quick and easy access to assistance.
  • Manage your vehicle’s maintenance and service requirements.
  • Manage the charge of your battery and your temperature easily on board your new 3008 plug-in hybrid.

I can’t rate this SUV highly enough and it ticks all the boxes for us a couple who are expecting. There’s 3 ISOFIX points for car seats when the time comes, and the back seats fold down with the touch of a button for even more storage space on long road trips or staycations. The new 3008 ranges from €32,775 for the Active range, up to €40,675 for the GT line.