Top 10 highlights from 2015

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What better time to reflect on the past year than the day that 2015 comes to a close. As always, the last year seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye. Overall, I feel it’s has been my most successful to date in terms of career. I was extremely busy with exciting projects and feel as if I matured as a person in perfect harmony with my brand. I learned how to obliterate stress, I realised how strong I was after a few personal life hiccups, I want to aim bigger and better than ever in every area of my life, and I feel as if everything came together exactly how it was meant to. So on that note, here are my highlights, what are yours?

Fairy Tales

The icing on the cake this year has to be publishing my first book. Writing Fairy Tales was something I always wanted to do and to have it become the success that it has is genuinely a dream come true. We reached the bestseller list after one week on the shelves and it seems to have been a stocking filler for so many nationwide. Looking after the orders from my own website means I get to see where you’re all purchasing from around the world which is also rather special.

Winning the Best Social Media 2015

I put a huge amount of time and effort into my social media channels so to have won this award, and being recognised by so many big names brands was a great achievement. On the night itself so many of my friends came to support and we had epic celebrations afterwards.

Winning the Best Company Beauty Blog 2015

Attending the Blog Awards Ireland was such a fun affair, surrounding by blogger buddies we all had a blast. I was shocked to even be nominated against such amazing companies so to win was just wonderful. Hearing my name being called was honestly such a blur, I think I was tweeting at the time and almost hesitated taking to the stage.

Discovering Ireland

Between workshops, masterclasses, salon openings, appearances, hotel reviews and my book tour I got to spend time in some lovely locations around Ireland. I met so many amazing women and followers that are passionate about similar things and appreciate what I do. I also fell in love with Galway and now consider it my second Irish home.

Joining the Xposé team

I’ve always wanted to do more TV presenting so to join the Xposé team as a beauty contributor was another goal ticked off. I love sharing the knowledge I’ve learned over my time in the industry and I’m looking forward to filming fresh segments in the new year.

Girly getaway in Prague 

Although I didn’t get away to the sun due to my workload I had a cheeky holiday with the girls in Prague. It was a wonderfully cultured trip where we really explored all of the sights and partied each night away on a budget. You can read all about my stay here.

Falling in love with London

I’ve always liked London but this year I really fell in love. Popping over for both business and pleasure meant I got to explore different areas and get a real feel for the city. I have some very exciting projects lined up in 2016 over in the UK which I can’t wait to share with you all. You can read all about my stay here.

Transforming my body

At the start of this year I began my body transformation. Mid March I got a personal trainer, began a programme which consisted of eating clean, and combining weight training with HIIT. I got to a place where I felt strong, fit and confident in my shape and although I let loose throughout December, I’m back on track and working towards new body goals. I realised the difference between a diet and a lifestyle and never want to return to my old ways.

Making new friends

I have some amazing friends that have been there for years, but in my industry it can be hard to find new ones you can really trust. People who aren’t just out for themselves, and have something special to bring to the table. This year I met some fabulous humans who I would quite happily have in my life for good.

Finding inner peace

Every year you grow as an individual, but some years can really trial and test you in terms of ups and downs. Although I experienced some downs I feel I coped much better than previous years, I felt incredibly strong and resilient and I utilised every negative scenario to the max. Overall this year has been magical and I’m more than ready to take on 2016.

Joanne xoxo