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Hello fit fairy followers, this blog is brought to you from stunningly sunny Ballydehob, West Cork. I’m spending some valuable family time in our holiday home for the week and incorporating a light amount of work and working out on my trip. You guys have been requesting a post on some at home/holiday workouts so I’ve put together a really easy compilation of my favourite ways to workout from anywhere in the world.


There are so many easy at home gymnastic or yoga inspired moves that are great for improving flexibility, working on your core and all round strength and conditioning. If you have a wall for example there are tons of handstand variation you can do. If you’re a novice, start with a spiderman against the wall; begin by placing your hands on the ground, place your feet against the wall and begin to walk them up into a handstand, then move your hands closer so your belly or back almost touches the wall. After time and practise you will be able to work from standstill to a handstand against the wall, a handstand without a wall and even walking handstands or scorpio moves. I love to alternate from closed legs to the splits and work my way halfway down away from the wall to really tighten and challenge my core.


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No gym, no weights, no wall? No problem. Using your bodyweight is one of the easiest ways to workout while you’re on holidays. High handstand kicks, walking lunges, lateral lunges, leg pulses, leg raises, plank, plank climbers, side twists, side climbers, scissor kicks, cycle ups, pushups, body walks, jump squats, burpees, high knees – the list is endless.




If you have access to free weights you can train your upper with ease. If you want to tone your arms, bicep curls and hammer curls are great. Hate your bingo wings? Tricep extensions with a dumbbell are great and if you have a bench you can complete seated tricep extensions and tricep kickbacks. If you don’t have dumbbells or find them too awkward to travel with a kettlebell is also great for some HIIT training (I would suggest a 12kg weight). Kettlebell swings, goblet squats, the clean press and snatch are all brilliant for getting your heart rate up. Weighted step ups and rows are also my favourites. Finally investing in the likes of a TRX Trainer means you can do a full body workout from a tree or hotel room.

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