I recently announced that we opted against finding out our babies gender, which to my surprise is a less popular choice with parents nowadays. Between gender reveal parties and the desire to plan in advance, I can totally understand the need to know, however we’ve always wanted a surprise. There’s something so special about waiting for the big day, sharing that reveal with your partner, and then all the excited phone calls afterwards to tell family and friends. Although it’s difficult to avoid buying delicate little dresses for a girl or fun little boy bits, the only real difference is avoiding the obvious pink and blue hues. There are so many incredible baby brands offering a huge array of gender neutral options with fabulous warm colours and textures to choose from. We’ve opted for very similar colours to the nursery; beige, browns, apple green, mustard, rust and fun patterns with super soft materials to keep the baby warm and cosy. I’ll be adding to this post regularly with lots of new items as we continue to embark on this very exciting journey.

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