The importance of Folic Acid | Ad


As you all know I’m a huge health advocate and one of my most frequently asked questions is about dietary supplements. Where possible I try to obtain nutrients from food but there’s some beneficial additives I’ve been taking alongside my meals recently. One super supplement not many people mention, but have heard of is Folic Acid, a supplement I added to my stash a few months ago.

The common connection in terms of this beneficial addition is with pregnancy, and the common misconception is that you only take Folic Acid whilst you’re with child or right before planning a pregnancy. I’m not planning for a baby anytime soon but after recent research it’s something I’m conscious of. If you’re sexually active and could potentially become pregnant, whether you’re planning to or not, you need to take a folic acid supplement every day.


Statistic wise the results are quite shocking. Even though almost 99% of women know they should take Folic Acid only 36% of women who fall pregnant actually follow up on their own advice. When it comes to planning for the future the majority of sexually active women don’t plan pregnancy, and those using contraception within the 18-45 year bracket assume it’s 100% reliable. When an unplanned pregnancy arises the chances of women taking the correct supplementation is slim, sadly.

Women who are moving onto their second or third child assume they will be fine thus reducing the chance of utilising Folic Acid further. I’ve mentioned this to my friends and family members and so many had no idea about the serious side and importance. Rates of NTDs are increasing in Ireland in recent years and our rates are higher than most other countries because we have a genetic predisposition to having babies with NTDs.  The truth is that Irish women need it more than anyone. Why not join me and start taking folic acid today?

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Joanne xoxo