It’s a miserable morning here in West Cork, and if I didn’t have a mountain of college work and campaign deadlines to get through, I’d love nothing more than to sit by the fire with a new novel. The ultimate escape from lockdown living…As part of my 100 Days Of Healthy challenge I incorporated daily mindful moments; acts of self care including meditation, skincare or simply running a bath and getting stuck into a good book – preferably one that nourishes the soul. I’m often asked about my top reading recommendations, so I’ve compiled 25 of my all time favourites for you. Whatever title captures your attention, I can assure you that you’ll demolish it from cover to cover like I did. These books will guide you, leave you with life lessons, help you become more awakened, and ultimately change your way of thinking for the better. Whether it’s life, love or career, these are pages you need to turn if you’re looking to embark on a more positive approach to existing as a human during these times. I’ve included the most affordable version of each book I could find online, so happy reading.

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