My flexible dieting food shop

Ahead of my first Fairy Fit series instalment tomorrow with my coach and other half Body By Control I wanted to compile a general food shopping list for you guys. Every time I do a top up shop I receive hundreds of screenshots and snaps asking me what I eat in a day, what I buy on a weekly basis and requests to compile a blog post like this, so here it is. Please bear in mind I’m currently following a flexible diet which means once I hit my macros and calories for the day (which I’ll speak more about tomorrow) I can eat what I want, within reason. At present my diet is 80% clean and 20% treats; those treats are not full on junk food, cheat meals or refeed days, they’re just less healthy snacks and additions to keep me sane and stick to my lifestyle. I’ve found dieting this way keeps me on track, feels less like a ‘diet’, works around my travel/time spent abroad and alleviates the bloating/stomach cramps I was experiencing from cutting so many foods out of my diet. For now this approach is perfect but in the coming months things will get a little tighter, again explained tomorrow. To make this shopping list easily accessible I’ve only named Kerrigan’s which is the only brand of meat I buy (cheeky plug for my own Fairy Fit food line too, code Fairy10 for 10% off your order). All of the other products can be purchased wherever is convenient for you, whatever brand you prefer/can afford and will be quantity specific, bearing in mind I weigh all of my food with a portable food scales to ensure I don’t eyeball my meals and accidentally overeat, I suggest you do the same. And remember, this is what I’m eating at present, it’s not what you should eat, this is just a guideline to a flexible approach/weight lifting way of life.

For breakfast I’m a creature of habit, I tend to eat two scrambled eggs cooked in Frylight spray (1 calorie per spray and doesn’t have the taste of coconut oil), paired with 50g of smoked salmon for a high protein and high fats meal. This can alternate slightly to an omelette where I’ll add more veg like onions and peppers and the odd time, if my fats are low throughout the rest of the day I’ll measure out some avocado and make a healthy guacamole.

For lunch I tend to eat two turkey burgers with lots of green veg (cucumber, spinach and peas are my favourite ways to get fibre in). If I’m on the go turkey burrito bowls are the dream because they hit a huge chunk of my protein for the day, taste amazing and are a healthy ready made options that’s low carb (carbs are not bad, I just prefer to save mine for later in the day). I also love tuna on corn cakes and goats cheese salad. I’m a huge fan of cheese but goats cheese is the ‘best’ macro wise if you’re looking for low fat and high protein option. Post training for my second ‘lunch’ time meal I generally have oats with water or unsweetened almond and whatever whey I fancy that day (Scitec Chocolate orange is life).

For dinner in a hurry the spicebox and taco fries feel like a full on cheat meal without the guilt. Containing a mixture of chicken or lean turkey mince with fresh veg and sweet potato they’re perfect. A basic bitch clean meal usually consists of chicken breast cooked in some spices with veg and white rice or potatoes. The odd time I’ll have white fish but generally lean turkey and chicken are my meat sources, again this is all down to preference. I’m not a fan of red meat for example hence why it’s not in my diet.

For healthy snacks on the go protein bars are my go to (Fulfil and Carb Killa are the best macro wise), I also carry around handy 30g packs of cashew nuts for some healthy fats. One of my favourite ways to up my carbs on the likes of training is to eat cereal (Coco Pops all day everyday), which is high in sugar and not deemed ‘clean eating’ but it’s not a ‘bad food’ either. Again, once I reach my targets overall I’m working towards a good lifestyle not deeming foods good or bad individually. Aside from cereal I don’t really have any sugar in my diet so it’s all about balance. The same applies for popcorn here. At night time I tend to have a sweet tooth so 10 cal jelly pots come in super handy and adding frozen blueberries to Glenisk yogurt with a dash of Flavourdrops or sugar free syrup feels like indulging in ice cream. I’m not a big drinker so alcohol is extrememly easy to cut out, if I want to have a few drinks I lower my carbs throughout said day and have a glass of bubbly or cocktail that night.

Joanne xoxo