Spotlight Brand Ambassador

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As you all know I’m a huge fan of a big bright smile and people have always commented on my teeth and queried what products I’m a fan of. As a result I’m delighted to announce that I’m now a Brand Ambassador for Spotlight Whitening, a revolutionary product taking the Irish market by storm. I was sent the product after a recent meeting with the founders and have been testing it out ever since. Designed by two Irish dentists based in Galway, sisters Dr Lisa and Vanessa Creaven, have created a whitening system which is safe and effective enough to be used in the comfort of your own home. Having your teeth whitened at the dentist can be an expensive treatment and often the long-term results can be reduced by daily habits such and drinking tea and coffee. Some people find using trays overnight unpleasant, a chore or simply too expensive to obtain. Spotlight Whitening is the only over the counter whitening product which contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide which is the active ingredient in all professional whitening products, making it a highly effective treatment without the high cost of in chair whitening systems. By adding just a small amount it makes this safe and effective without causing sensitivity.


I’ve suffered from sensitivity in the past and other strips on the market were too harsh for my teeth. I’m over the moon to have found a product that combines dental expertise and safety with real fast results. Another bonus is the fact this is a fuss free easy to use product; simply pop on your whitening strips for just an hour a day to see instant results. The strips really grab to your teeth without any of the product leaking into your mouth which is another bonus. Affordable and effective, these strips are the only European whitening strips to contain hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is the most effective active agent to whiten teeth, but not an ingredient to be scared of. No other products on the Irish market contains this ingredient and yet it’s completely safe with no side effects such as sensitivity or damage to your enamel. The colour of teeth is influenced by a combination of both the internal colour of our teeth and external staining that attaches to our teeth. These strips have been designed to tackle staining and still be gentle enough to use for an extended period of time and retail at just €39.95 from the Spotlight Whitening website meaning they’re an excellent option for anyone. I’ll be showing the strips, application and results in more detail over on my Snapchat [themakeupfairy] over the coming days so stay tuned. 

Joanne xoxo